To contribute to the goals of the organization, a clinical engineering program needs to be: 

  • Fiscally effective
  • Quality controlled

To determine if our consulting services can take your clinical engineering to a top level of performance, here are some essential questions to ask:

Do you operate with a collapsed budget?

If your organization fragments the CE budget – for example, some CE expenditures are in the IT budget, some in the clinical operations budget, some in the outpatient services budget – our financial review will deliver a collapsed budget that shows your entire CE spend.

Do you evaluate the financial performance of your CE program?

Our benchmarking tool – comprehensive, yet easy to use – provides ongoing, industry-generated performance measurements. Its core measure produces your CE program’s overall cost-to-value ratio: an excellent measure of overall program performance.

Are you ready for Joint Commission or other regulatory surveys?

Our Program Quality Evaluation (PQE) service provides a comprehensive program review to ensure preparedness. The PQE has two parts: one to assess readiness for Joint Commission and other regulatory surveys, and one that compares your organization’s CE program to a model program.

Do you have an accurate medical equipment inventory?

We provide a complete medical inventory service so that you always have an accurate inventory.

Do you have the ability to identify potential equipment issues with new acquisitions, mergers and partnerships?

We provide comprehensive due diligence audits to help your organization assess potential issues involved in acquisitions, mergers and partnerships.

Do you have a capital equipment replacement strategy?

We can perform technology assessments that provide an organized, three-year plan for the year-by-year replacement of equipment.

Do you have the ability to provide equipment planning for master facility plans or major construction projects?

We provide long-term equipment planning services for medical device acquisition and implementation, as well as CE staffing needs.

If your answer to any of the questions above was “No,” take a look at how we can help